Santhosh Varkey Aarattu Movie

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Santhosh Varkey Aarattu Movie

Nithya Menon’s Slimming images have recently gone viral on social media. As a result, he received other possibilities in the film industry.

Currently, Nithyamenon appears in Dhanush’s 44th film, ” Thirchirambalam.”Mitran Jawahar directed the film. August 18 marks the release date of the film.

Anirudh Ravichander, composer of Dhanush’s soundtrack, reconnected after a protracted break.

Dhanush, Nithyamenon, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Rashi Khanna, Bharathiraja, and Prakash Raj are some of the actors in the film.

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In addition, thaikizhavi, the first single from the film, has just been released. The song was composed and performed by Dhanush. The song has received over 4 million views overall.

Leading ladies usually miss most music releases, press conferences, and performances with trailers in Tamil language films. There is debate around this.

He claims that he stumbled and fell on the steps of the House, hitting his leg. He also arrived in a wheelchair and carried a cane while watching a theatrical performance.

Causes Santhosh Varkey Trending

Nithya Menon’s involvement in this way allowed for an emotional audience in addition to the crew. Now that this knowledge has gained popularity on social media, Nithya Menon is being praised.

The person who caused the aaratu Mohanlal movie chat to go viral on social media was Santosh Varki. He has expressed his intention to marry Nithya Menen for a while now.

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In this regard, when we questioned Nithyameni about what Santhosh Varki told Nithyameni about his involvement in the upcoming Malayalam Movie Commercial 19 (1) A, join Vijay Sethupathi

Nityamenon, more than 30 different mobile numbers, torturers called. My parents were ordered to ban the phone by me. She’s honest about it even when her face is on social media.

He replied that I had completely forgiven him and told him to report him to the police.

Clarification Results Santhosh Varkey

Santhosh Varki has discussed the claims Nithya Menon made in the film. He said that calls from more than 30 different numbers bothered him.

You find out the maximum number of SIM cards a man can buy for the rest of his life, and Nithya Menon’s mother told me that she had done it elsewhere.

But when her father revealed to me that he had a girlfriend, I was completely confused. They both advised me that I should not raise the topic of sexuality.

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Moreover, since my father died, I have been doing my duty without interfering in other people’s Affairs. Varki claims that if I understood this, I would not have lost focus and lagged behind.

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